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Act (verb); to take action.

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About Me

BA Professional Acting (2002) - Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Certified Personal Trainer - EQL level 4

Garuda Certified Business Coach - Coaching & konfilikthåndtering


Take action...  Voice, Mind, Body.

Now more than ever we seem to find ourselves in need of complete personal mastery.

I'm here to help us humans be the best versions of ourselves.  Actors with technique & imagination; business folk with confidence & clarity using business language;  educators, students, and everyone else - with easy interpersonal polish.


Business is now conducted often on camera, the arrival of AI necessitates more exams being taken face to face, and the human spirit continues to strive for emotion and connection.  Communicative skills have never been more important.  I can help you sharpen yours. 

I have worked with, and represented, many AAA international companies, providing my voice, face, and skills for, amongst others:  Novo Nordisk, Mærsk, T Mobile, Yahoo, Nicorette, Danish Crown, Coors, Moxso, Grundfos, Danfos, Berendsen, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Business School, ITV, TV2, Danske Bank, Royal Copenhagen, and The BBC.

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Helping To Improve You.

Let's Upgrade Your Skillset - The Holistic Way

Presentational Skills

The Skill of Acting is all about choosing sets of behaviours that influence other people.  We feel connection with, and understand the condition of, other beings as they experience life.

We can be complex; we can be simple... Not everything must be Shakespeare.  Joy, hope, storytelling, & adventure all add wonderously to our lives. 

If you are interested in improving your public speaking & presentations, I have quite a number of ways to help. 

Groundwork, fundamentals, tips, & tricks.  Vocal development, accent reduction, clarity, & intent. 

Mastering "business speak", media training, & working with a live audience.  Script writing, narrative function, & emotive language.


You want to use me as an actor?  Great, I'm in.  

You want to develop yourself as an actor?  Awesome, let's coach you.  I have thirty-five years experience being on stage and screen, with over ten thousand paid hours under my belt.

Meaning, dynamics, continuity, & focus.  Broad theoretical technique, & bespoke specifics. Sight reading, improvisation, memorisation.

Shakespeare, modern, devised;  camera technique, microphone skills, selftapes; combat, dance, stagecraft.

I can show you what works professionally...

...And what doesn't.

Personal Trainer & Coach

If we're going to do stuff on this planet, we've got to stay fit, & focused.

I'm a certified personal trainer, and particularly enjoy developing aesthetics through movement and muscular definition, using targeted resistance training for long-term progression.

...pain free.

Let's draw out your strength...

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I aim to give you the best result, in the shortest time possible. In sessions with me, we work quickly, in depth, and without negative judgement.  You will get specific practices from me that will help facillitate attainment of your ideas.  Exercises will be simple, and effective!  We will explore your uniqueness, sharpen your tools, and find new ways to perform.  I am located in central Copenhagen.

First Consultation:


First session:

1 hour individual session - 300DKK

Standard Rate:

1 hour individual session - 600DKK

2 hours individual session - 800DKK

Concession Rate:

1 hour individual session - 400DKK

2 hours individual session -700DKK

Group Rates:

Contact for information

Home: About Me

Refine Your Inner Artist, Actor, & Celebrity. 

Act Upon Yourself

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HC Andersens Boulvard 42 1th
1553 kbhV

(+45) 31181308

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